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Case Study

Entire Infotainment Engineering.

Pixida is your partner for complex engineering challenges of Automotive electronics systems. For the development of High-End Infotainment systems, including integration and interfaces to Navigation, Driver Assistance Systems and Telematics, we keep the knowledge to follow every step of the overall OEM development process. In this case, we covered all the tasks of functional and hardware engineering, architectural integration and project management of the entire development project. Implementing the best alignment of different activities during the development, we used agile methodologies like Scrum and the result was offering the highest possible effectiveness to our customer.

Date 2014-2020

Industry Automotive

Business Area Automotive

Team Size 11

Case Study

Developing the overall concept of the telematics device for the largest provider of bus transport in Germany.

With almost 10 years of telematics development expertise, we developed the full concept in all aspects. This covers all technical requirements along the End2End communication between the backend and the telematics device and non-technical requirements. The challenge was to improve the bus fleet operation, the service quality, to enable predictive maintenance and to monitor working hours of bus drivers. At the end, our specification was used for the European Union-wide tender process.

Date 2016

Industry Transportation

Business Area Transportation & Logistics

Team Size 7

Case Study

Increasing the efficiency of public transport using our Digitalization and Mobility know how.

Through comprehensive vehicle fleet sensor data collection, we are creating fundamentals for the scientific analysis of urban fleet data. With the flexible IoT Gateway solutions by PI Labs, we are streaming tailored raw data in real-time to our cloud infrastructure, while our specialists do research with the latest findings of innovative Data Analytics methodologies. The benefits are improvements in fuel efficiency, predictive maintenance, fleet utilization, service quality and customer satisfaction.

Date 2017-2020

Industry Public Transport

Business Area Smart City

Team Size 5

Case Study

Real-time monitoring of air quality transforming urban areas into Smart Cities.

Combining the ultra-portable sensor platform EnviSens by PI Labs with our expertise in Data Analytics, Navigation and Digitalization is the starting point of completely new capabilities for full coverage real-time air quality monitoring. Attaching sensor networks via Bluetooth Low Energy to IoT Gateways mounted on vehicle fleets surrounding in cities and on fixed infrastructure like street lamps or traffic lights gives the possibility to process data from a huge amount of measurement spots. EnviSens measures environmental gasses, particulate matter, noise, temperature, humidity and air pressure and shows on real-time maps. This enables a much more detailed and accurate view on the real situation of air quality and the chance for the municipalities to decide on location-based environmentally friendly measures for sustainable development.

Date 2018-2020

Industry Environmental Data Science

Business Area Smart City

Team Size 5

Case Study

Comprehensive solution for Insurance Telematics.

Our offer is a complete solution for Pay as you Drive car insurances, including a car cigarette lighter, a fixed mounted and an OBDII retrofit telematics device and an eco-system of software solutions for device management, cloud hosting, data processing and visualization. The hardware modules have extended features like a backup battery, emergency and breakdown call, smartphone charging and crash detection. During the data processing, the data is augmented with map and 3rd party data to determine the driver´s score based on the behavior and general conditions like weather, street type, daytime, etc. Depending on the type of customer, insurance companies can utilize the collected data to offer additional services as fleet management, damage regulation or rescue services.

Date 2016-2020

Industry Insurance

Business Area Insurance Telematics

Team Size 12

Case Study

IoT Device Management.

By developing an IoT device management solution, the main challenge is to keep control over a huge quantity of units connected to the Internet of Things. They may require remote software updates or configuration changes that can be handled effortlessly with the developed solution by Pixida without any technical background being required. Another important requirement is to setup a Software as a Solution approach and multi-tenant capability. The entire solution is developed on Amazon Web Services technology stack using AWS Serverless Framework, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, S3 and CloudFront.

Date 2018-2020

Industry IoT - Internet of Things

Business Area IoT - Internet of Things

Team Size 5